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Learn How STRUCTURE Blue Meets the Unique Needs of HVAC Contractors


Experience the Best in Contractor Accounting Software

Many HVAC contractors face the unique challenge of having to manage construction projects while simultaneously running a service organization. STRUCTURE Blue was designed with your needs in mind. STRUCTURE Blue allows for extensive project cost coding, allowing each project to be broken down by phase, cost code and cost type.



AIA Billing

Are you looking for an easier way to create your AIA bills? With STRUCTURE Blue G701, G702 and G703 forms can be created and emailed to customers instantly. You can also include a schedule of values depending on how detailed you want to be. If the customer only requires a progress bill, STRUCTURE Blue can do that as well. You can even create your AIA bills with stamps and signatures printed on them. STRUCTURE Blue was designed to automate time-consuming tasks in order to make your life easier.


Certified Payroll

If you perform government or public jobs then you are familiar with certified payroll reports. You are also familiar with how tedious preparing these items can be. Ensuring that you have accurate certified payroll reports is crucial to keeping your business in compliance. STRUCTURE Blue can instantly create certified payroll reports in multiple formats. Rather than having to create them manually, exposing yourself to errors, why not have STRUCTURE Blue do it for you? Whether it be federal or state, STRUCTURE Blue has you covered. STRUCTURE Blue can also easily generate Union Reports.


Categorize Costs

One of the most important aspects of tracking a job is looking at costs. Being able to categorize costs provides contractors with even more insight into how and where most resources are being allocated. It is one thing to know that you spent X amount of dollars on a job, it is another thing to know how much you spent on each aspect of a job. Having this information allows you to better see where you stand on a job and make the necessary adjustments to improve profitability. This is a huge benefit as contractors no longer have to use complicated Excel spreadsheets or sort through stacks of paper to see how they are performing on jobs.


STRUCTUREmobile - Mobile Apps for Contractors in the Field

Working hand in hand with STRUCTURE Blue's desktop applications is a suite of mobile apps designed to even further enhance the productivity of HVAC contractors. You can report time with TimeLinc, manage work orders while in the field with TechLinc and handle change order requests with ChangeLinc. All mobile applications are iOS and Android compatible.


Service Management

The Work Order module allows for on-line dispatch and instant access to all relevant customer information. With the service tech notification feature enabled, you can send a text message or email of the call information directly to your technician's mobile device. All the history you need is right at your fingertips - access data by call or location or get a history for each piece of equipment. Track the inventory on each service vehicle and determine who your most profitable technician is.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

The Merit Companies

"I work for a mechanical contractor and have been a user of C/F Data Systems since the early 1980's. We now have five companies that run the C/F Data software (STRUCTURE Blue). I left my employer for a period of six years, in which time I used several different software packages, always wishing the other companies would change to C/F Data. I am now back with my original employer and have enjoyed every minute of being able to use C/F Data. I cannot say enough about C/F Data, both their software and their support. We use the software to handle all of our accounts payable, detail job costing, accounts receivable, payroll, service work orders and purchasing items. It is extremely easy to get up to the minute information on any project or accounting information that would be required. Their system is very user friendly and with staff changes new employees pick up the software quite easily. The support staff is the BEST in the business. In hard economic times it is imperative to have, up to the minute, information at the tips of your fingertips. I would HIGHLY recommend C/F Data Systems to any company looking to improve their bottom line, because they are fantastic!" – Tracey, The Merit Companies







General Mechanical Contractors

"We have been using C/F Data since 1998. We have 3 companies and we utilize C/F Data in different ways for each of our companies. We are a mechanical contractor, a heating and air conditioning 24 hour service contractor and a sheet metal manufacturer. C/F Data has been great to work with for these 18 years, if they don't have a solution they are quick to help customize a solution. Always great customer service, they are like part of our company!" – Alice Tomasino





Peak Mechanical

"As a controller at Peak Mechanical I would say that C/F Data Systems is reliable and invaluable. I've been using this system at Peak Mechanical Services for three years but I have also used the software at other companies over the last 15 years. There have been many improvements over the years and support has always been available and extremely capable. We have a complex union payroll and depend on the job cost system to project manage several multifaceted projects. I highly recommend this system!" – Judy Malloy





B-G Mechanical

"STRUCTURE Mobile has been a game changer for our commercial HVAC service business. We have up to 30 technicians in four states and sometimes don't see them for months at a time. With the STRUCTURE Mobile program we are in constant contact with them and them with us. Paper work flows so much faster than our old system. We no longer need to collect paperwork on Mondays and that alone has helped to defer the cost of the system. I was happy to be part of the development of the program." – Jim Reidy


Experience the Best in Contractor Accounting Software

STRUCTURE Blue construction accounting software can help HVAC contractors manage their business.

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Experience The Best in Contractor Accounting Software.

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Learn how STRUCTURE, an end-to-end construction accounting solution, meets the unique needs of contractors.

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Working hand in hand with STRUCTURE's desktop applications are a suite of mobile apps designed to even further enhance productivity.

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About C/F Data Systems

C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry for more than 40 years.

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The STRUCTUREmobile suite is a collection of mobile apps that are linked to STRUCTURE Blue for use in the field.


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