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Learn How STRUCTURE Blue Meets the Unique Needs of Flooring Contractors

Experience the Best in Contractor Software

For over 40 years, C/F Data Systems has been serving flooring contractors with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs. STRUCTURE Blue construction accounting software provides solutions to manage all areas of construction operations including quoting, billing, roll inventory, payroll and project management.



Quote Proposal

The Quote Proposal module provides the ability to quickly price a quote and generate a formal proposal. It also allows you to easily re-price the quote with alternates. The same quote can be sent to one or many GC clients. Once your quote is accepted, simply book the bid to create a job and automatically set up your budget, contract amount and all relevant job set up information. Quote Proposal integrates with the Purchase Order module allowing you to order the materials as soon as the quote is accepted. It also allows for a complete procurement control system to manage all upcoming delivery dates. 


Project Management

Our solution for project managers gives them the tools they need to manage their construction office responsibilities including accessing address books, retrieving POs and monitoring and managing tasks.


STRUCTUREmobile - Mobile Apps for Contractors in the Field

Working hand in hand with STRUCTURE Blue's desktop applications is a suite of mobile apps designed to further enhance the productivity of flooring contractors. You can report time with TimeLinc, submit change order requests with ChangeLinc and manage inventory with ScanLinc, right from the palm of your hand. All mobile applications are iOS and Android compatible.



STRUCTURE Blue's procurement solutions are designed to keep flooring contractors efficient. Roll Inventory allows you to control individual rolls and dye lots and record each cut made. It also provides an analysis of carpet broken down into one or several individual rolls. Efficient management of purchase orders keeps your projects rolling. With STRUCTURE Blue, you can create purchase orders that satisfy all methods of purchasing.



Let us help manage your construction operations with solutions for workforce scheduling, generating quotes, creating work orders, generating reports and managing fixed assets.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Poindexter Flooring

"STRUCTURE Blue has saved us so much time! We used to have one system (Excel) for bidding projects and then upon the award, the projects would be re-entered into another system (QuickBooks) for accounting. Another wonderful improvement we've seen is following up on submitted change orders with the reports available for aging unapproved change orders. We are a little over one year in with STRUCTURE Blue and still excited about it every day!" – Nichole Poindexter-Wilson







Pavilion Floors

"Pavilion Floors, Inc. enjoys an eleven year great working relationship with C/F Data. We are always working with them to add to the system new and innovative tools that help us run our business more efficiently and more profitably. They are responsive and professional in all of their dealings." – James Gilmore





DeGol Carpet

"Our company has had STRUCTURE Blue since 2013 and it has really helped organize and streamline everything. Coming from paper and pencil and having almost no organization of everything it was a big help. There are so many parts to the system that surely you can find a way to make it work for your company or find a way that you can slightly adapt. We probably only utilize 40% of what the system can actually do and have been implementing new parts in as we go. The customer service has been great and they always get back to you quickly via email. I would not expect the system to do exactly what you want for every part of your business as it is tailored for the greater good but it should be able to be utilized to accomplish the major tasks. There are always little things I wish it could do but so does every company. After all my research of looking for computer systems I believe I made the right choice with STRUCTURE Blue and would highly recommend the system to any other company." – David Degol


Experience the Best in Contractor Accounting Software

STRUCTURE Blue construction accounting software can help flooring contractors manage their business.

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Experience The Best in Contractor Accounting Software.

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Learn how STRUCTURE, an end-to-end construction accounting solution, meets the unique needs of contractors.

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About C/F Data Systems


For over 39 years, CF Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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Working hand in hand with STRUCTURE's desktop applications are a suite of mobile apps designed to even further enhance productivity.

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About C/F Data Systems

C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry for more than 40 years.

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Mobile Solutions

The STRUCTUREmobile suite is a collection of mobile apps that are linked to STRUCTURE Blue for use in the field.


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