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World-Class Software Support for STRUCTURE

Customer Service

Our client support systems are designed to meet the day to day challenges of supporting your office staff in the operations of STRUCTURE. Instant call response is the rule, with tools like on-line call logging and an integrated problem resolution history, we can assure our clients of a speedy solution to even the most challenging obstacles. We also provide services which enable you to make the most of the STRUCTURE software.


Unlike other companies, we don't leave our customers to fend for themselves after they have purchased our software! STRUCTURE comes with its own special documentation to guide you through the install process and familiarize users with its interface:

The Pre-Installation Guide - Read this first! Everything your System Administrator and Network Consultant need to know before and during the installation of STRUCTURE.

Includes information on:

  • Hardware Requirements/Remote Access Options
  • Options for Implementing STRUCTURE
  • C/F Data’s Training Sequence
  • General Ledger Chart of Accounts
  • Installing STRUCTURE
  • Ordering forms

System Administrator's Guide - This is designed for the person who will coordinate the implementation of STRUCTURE and oversee all aspects of its use.



  • How to Use C/F Data’s Documentation
  • Administrator’s Guide (includes setting up users and security, as well as your fiscal year end)
  • E-mailed Releases
  • Orientation – An Introduction to STRUCTURE (includes screens you will encounter, components of screens, printing and viewing features, getting around in STRUCTURE, and getting Help)

Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to make sure new customers have an easy integration and transition with using STRUCTURE and its applications.

Once your System is set up, it's time to schedule training!

Types of Training

On Site Training:

A C/F Data Customer Support representative can come to your office to train new employees in the use of the system.

On Line:

You can schedule training classes for new employees to be done over the phone. These training sessions can be focused on a "Learning Company" containing training data for education on basic concepts and procedures, or the employee or employees can be trained on your actual data for more specific information related to your actual business practices.

On Site System Audit:

A C/F Data representative can come to your office to guide you towards more efficient use of the STRUCTURE software. Our representatives can make recommendations on software utilization to enable you to make the most of the STRUCTURE software, which can improve efficiency, provide better and more accurate reporting, and even show you system features you may not have known existed.

Classroom Training:

C/F Data Systems periodically offers training classes in our state of the art training center.  Please check out our newsletter for upcoming training classes or contact

Further Your Education

Your education doesn't stop with training. Our Customer-Only Support website provides the most up-to-date documentation, including: User Guides for each Application, downloadable/printable HELP Files for each individual program within an Application, and a variety of "How To's" for some of the most common (and not-so common) tasks.

Besides phone (800-370-HELP), email, on-line, and on-site support, HELP is at your fingertips. While in a program, click the Help button. See the information for that topic or search and print any topic you would like. Go to the customer-only Support website to get easy to follow How-To’s, view past newsletters, and do upgrades.

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For over 39 years, CF Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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About C/F Data Systems

For over 40 years, C/F Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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Mobile Solutions

The STRUCTUREmobile FieldLinc Suite offers a collection of mobile applications that are linked to STRUCTURE for use in the field.  This allows you to have access to key functions of STRUCTURE even when you are not sitting in front of a desktop.



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