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Customer Support

Our client support systems are designed to meet the day to day challenges of supporting your office staff in the operations of STRUCTURE. Instant call response is the rule, with tools like on-line call logging and an integrated problem resolution history, we can assure our clients of a speedy solution to even the most challenging obstacles. We also provide services which enable you to make the most of the STRUCTURE software.



C/F Data issues a quarterly newsletter to inform customers about upcoming events, classes, program changes, etc. View some of our past newsletters below.



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About C/F Data Systems

For over 40 years, C/F Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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Mobile Solutions

The STRUCTUREmobile FieldLinc Suite offers a collection of mobile applications that are linked to STRUCTURE for use in the field.  This allows you to have access to key functions of STRUCTURE even when you are not sitting in front of a desktop.



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