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Procurement and Purchasing Software Solutions

Learn how STRUCTURE can provide Procurement Solutions for your company.

Purchase Orders in STRUCTURE

Efficient management of Purchase Orders keeps your projects rolling. With STRUCTURE, you can create P.O.’s that satisfy all methods of purchasing. Whether you are buying in Lump Sum, Lot Price, or Detail, STRUCTURE handles them all. Bring in detail from standard inventory lists, which automatically update from services such as Trade Service, Epic, or Harrison.

  • Create PO revisions to track a history of every change made to your original order.
  • Generate RFQ’s to get the best pricing possible then use the results to generate your Purchase Orders.
  • You can set up vendor price matrices for calculating discounts off of standard trade pricing, or set up special pricing for each job.
  • Committed but unbilled costs are part of every project. STRUCTURE’s Open Purchase Orders will update to Job Cost’s ‘Committed Cost’ to give you a total picture of your job’s status.
  • Update your inventory as soon as material is received, and value your inventory in a variety of ways.
  • Access Purchase Order history: by vendor, job, material, or phase/category/type, in either summary or detail.
  • Print out your own customized acknowledgements with additional fulfillment such as subcontracts, terms and conditions or project specifications, to streamline the ordering process.
  • Design customized Purchase Order forms within the system.

Inventory Control

STRUCTURE makes materials management fast, easy and efficient. Enter your receipts into the Inventory module directly, or integrate to Purchase Orders and receive via a packing slip or invoice receipt.

  • Generate material lists by part number or material grouping.
  • Establish inventory minimums, maximums and economic order quantities and produce exception reports to show your complete inventory status.
  • Establish bin locations to make it easy to find things and then do your counts and enter the physical as often as you wish.
  • Produce a complete history showing all additions and subtractions to your inventory for any range of dates.
  • Value your inventory on either a replacement cost or weighted average basis.

Truck Inventory

With STRUCTURE you will never have to worry about losing track of materials that are in trucks. Working alongside the Work Orders Module, Truck Inventory allows you to keep tabs on all materials that are placed on service vehicles.

  • A truck can be assigned to a technician and when the parts get billed on their work order they instantly come off of the truck's inventory.
  • Locate materials that are in specific trucks.
  • Easily print out a report that tells you exactly how much of a material you have on each truck.
  • With the Work Order module you can track inventory for each truck and easily make warehouse to truck, truck to warehouse, or truck to truck inventory transfers.

Roll Inventory Features

STRUCTURE comes with a whole host of unique features for specialty contractors, Roll Inventory is one of them.

  • Roll inventory allows a Flooring contractor to control individual rolls and dye lots and record each cut made.
  • It provides a breakdown of the total square yards of carpet broken down into one or several individual rolls.  
  • Roll Inventory also allows for tracking of other materials (not on rolls) that have been purchased for a job but are stored in the warehouse until needed.  
  • This program also keeps track of partial shipments made from the warehouse to the job.

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For over 39 years, CF Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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About C/F Data Systems

For over 39 years, C/F Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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